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Women's Fiction

Le Temps volé
Stolen Time

Between Jojo Moyes and Amélie Poulain, utterly heart-warming!

Already sold at auction in Germany.

One day, Flavie receives a mysterious letter, along with an apology from the Post Office for the delay in delivery… of forty-three years!
So who is this Amélie and the anonymous man desperate to persuade her to give up everything to come live with him? Did he manage to contact her? Did she ever see him again?... Flavie is determined to reunite the pair and have her happy ending!

A journey between past and present, in search of a lost romance


Le Septième Guerrier-mage
The Seventh Warrior-Mage
Disgusted with violence, Jal decides to desert his army. He finds refuge in an ancient elven valley miraculously spared by the war, which inhabitants make him swear to defend.
The task seems desperate, but as memories of his childhood come back to him, he remembers the incredible powers acquired during his special training and that will enable him to fulfill his promise.

This could be his last chance at redemption, and the way to unveil the mystery of his past

Middle Grade

Adèle and the Wedding of Queen Margot

By the author awarded with the Prix Gulli 2014 for best novel.

When she finds out she has to read an entire book during her holidays, it’s just too much! But little by little, Adèle lets herself be carried away by her reading, to the point that she dreams about it at night. And not just any dream: she becomes a character in Queen Margot, and lives at the royal court in the 16th century!

A great concept that will win over young readers.

Between 2015 and 1572, Adèle must choose.


Péché exquis
Tempting Nights

Adam has let himself be caught up in a game of domination with this woman with a troubled past. Feelings are in principle forbidden …

I never should have seen Adam again, but how could I resist his magnetism, his heat, his gaze? Despite the rules I set for myself all these years, despite the walls I have built around my heart, I am weak.

They had sworn never to fall in love, but that was before they spent the night together…

Middle Grade


Prix Gulli 2014 for best novel

Sold in Taiwan and Korea

Adrien and Hadrien are two thirteen-year-old boys and they live only a few kilometres from one another. There’s only one thing that sets them apart: Adrien lives in the year 2014, and Hadrien in 1914. But magic intervenes in their destinies and two mailboxes appear before their respective houses, allowing them to exchange letters.

This skilfully drawn, fantastic parallel, will allow readers to plunge into a crucial historical period and to follow the story of a beautiful friendship.

Two teenagers exchange letters.
One lives in 2014… the other in 1914.

Le Paris des Merveilles
Paris of Wonders

Welcome to Paris of Wonders, one of the gates between our universe and the OtherWorld ruled by the fairy queen.
This could be Paris during the Belle Epoque, but when you look more closely, the Eiffel Tower is built of snow-white wood, mermaids bathe in the Seine, and flying cats roam the roofs of the city.

Louis Griffont is a gentleman wizards. Charged with investigating illegal trafficking in enchanted objects, he soon finds himself dealing with a series of murders and facing multiple perils. A whirlwind of mysterious events will lift the veil concealing Griffont’s past, as well as an ancient secret that threatens to rock the throne of Ambremer, coveted by the Black Queen.

‘A stroll through a fascinating alternate Paris at the turn of the 20th century, but one in which mystery, magic, and murder lurk at every step.’

Science Fiction

Le Visiteur du Futur : La Meute - saison complète
The Visitor from the Future

In 2550, the Earth has been ravaged by a series of disasters that may well spell the end for humanity. Acid rains and zombie attacks are the daily lot of the last remaining survivors. Among them is the Visitor, who has taken on the mission of cancelling these catastrophes by changing the past. But his own past catches up with him. Old stories of lies and betrayal, which he has never revealed to anyone, risk jeopardising his mission.

Based on a hit web-series that drew over 33 million views on the Web!

“A real phenomenon.”
Le Monde

Sascha’s Requiem

Sascha is no ordinary young woman: she can possess people by simply touching them, but she has no idea where this power comes from. It all becomes clear when she meets enemy brothers Raphaël and Zekiel… except perhaps which one she prefers.

Destined from birth to unleash the Apocalypse, the future of the human race depends on her. But then again, she might just do what her heart dictates...

An incisive style and witty dialogues that perfectly convey this fast-paced read.

'Not to be missed! Action, suspense, a wickedly off-beat sense of humour, an appealing heroine and a breathtaking ending!'