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About #HighKingdom: "Pevel produced one of the most surprising ending I've had pleasure to read recently."
Bragelonnedeals, 20/10 11:41:00 via Twitter Web Client
Just back from Frankfurt, very busy but so much fun! Here's our beautiful booth and me waiting for the next meeting.
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Italian offer for #TheCardinalBlades by Pierre Pevel! It just never stops getting more and more translations, so which country's next?
Bragelonnedeals, 03/10 14:09:13 via Twitter Web Client
TV show/movie adaptation agreement just signed for #TheCardinalsBlades by Pierre Pevel! Can't wait to see what they'll make of it :-)
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Brand new catalogue for Frankfurt! Download it here:
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Camille Adler #PinkSilk released today, charming historical novel about a lady seeking independance through her passion for a man & fashion!
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Today #Legion goes out! Be ready for this fast-paced and surprising thriller by @daviddforrest who already won over readers.
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Look at this beautiful edition of #HighKingdom by Pierre Pevel, published by @Gollancz
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Leading Titles


Haut Royaume
High Kingdom

Pierre Pevel, who achieved international renown with his Cardinal’s Blades series published in ten countries, now offers us an action-packed epic that takes place within a world as rich and as believable as any historical setting. As various clans maneuver and clash in anticipation of an impending war of succession, this novel brings together a gallery of enthralling characters, a pinch of magic, and concealed dragons, and is certain to appeal to fans of Game of Thrones.

Pierre Pevel is bringing all the skills of a historical fantasy writer to an epic stage.

La Voie de la Colère
The Book and the Sword

In this debut novel, Antoine Rouaud displays an astonishing virtuosity, creating a very subtle plot based on unfolding secrets, in a fashion seldom seen in a work of Fantasy and designed to sustain a high level of suspense. Depicting mortal characters thrown into the maelstrom of History and who ultimately become figures of legend, The Book and the Sword is a real page-turner !

‘The Path of Anger is one of those books you start reading one evening, and devour non-stop until you reach the words « the end »’
Comment ça marche ?

Middle Grade


Prix Gulli 2014 for best novel!

Adrien and Hadrien are two thirteen-year-old boys and they live only a few kilometres from one another in northern France. They both have problems in school, at home, and with girls, like most boys their age. There’s only one thing that sets them apart: Adrien lives in the year 2014, and Hadrien in 1914. But magic intervenes in their destinies and two mailboxes appear before their respective houses, allowing them to exchange letters.

This skilfully drawn, fantastic parallel, will allow readers to plunge into a crucial historical period and to follow the story of a beautiful friendship.

Two teenagers exchange letters.

One lives in 2014… the other in 1914.


Sascha’s Requiem

Sascha is no ordinary young woman: she can possess people by simply touching them, but she has no idea where this power comes from.

It all becomes clear when she meets enemy brothers Raphaël and Zekiel… except perhaps which one she prefers.

Destined from birth to unleash the Apocalypse, the future of the human race depends on her. But then again, she might just do what her heart dictates...

'Not to be missed! Action, suspense, a wickedly off-beat sense of humour, an appealing heroine and a breathtaking ending!'


Rose soie
Pink Silk

Rose de Saulnay, a quiet young woman belonging to the upper classes, has a passion for fashion which she expresses by creating superb dresses in secret. But her husband, a violent and possessive man, finds this pastime unworthy of her social rank and disapproves of her behaviour.

At a grand ball, she meets Alexander Wright, the French capital’s most renowned couturier. Her husband hires him to design an outfit for Rose, and it’s love at first sight. When divorce becomes legal in France in July of that year, Rose finds the courage to take her life in her own hands. She
leaves her spouse at last and opens a dress-making shop.

Despite the difficulties of her situation and society’s rejection of her, Rose gradually wins her independence and, thanks to Alexander Wright, regains her faith in the future... and in love.

In 19th-century Paris, a lady turns seamstress, and becomes mistress of her fate.

Women's Fiction

Rencontres d'un drôle de type
Close Encounters of a Funny Kind of Guy

Gérard has just been divorced, but he still dreams of love and the ideal woman. Where can he find his soul mate in the internet age?
     Armed with his corrosive sense of humour, but also his soft heart, Gérard decides to try dating websites. He soon realizes that finding his special someone is not going to be easy…
     Through the hilarious and touching tales of his meetings and mishaps, from the female collector of ‘Dating Site Boys’ to the intense astrology fanatic, Gérard learns to live on his own and to enjoy the pleasures of being single.

Dating 2.0: realistic, touching, and hilarious!


Ophélie and Arthur, 22, start an internship in a dynamic entertainment company. Ophélie is shy and discreet, whereas Arthur is confident and ambitious. In a young and attractive setting, these two characters will discover the reality of the workplace and form attachments with their colleagues, despite the question which really nags at them: at the end, who will obtain a real job?

A realistic initiation novel about youth, their doubts, their wishes, not only at work but also in friendship and love. A contemporary subject dealt with a real sense of fun and authenticity. 

Internship: The school of life


Le Jour où
The Day When…

One day, without warning, all the adults fall one after another into a mysterious coma… Children and teenagers suddenly find themselves left to their own devices.

This standalone novel can be seen as a tribute to Lord of the Flies by William Golding, with a very contemporary treatment and deeply touching characters in a world suddenly devoid of familiar landmarks and constraints.


All the adults are asleep…
let the party begin!