Leading Titles

Middle Grade

Un Ogre en cavale
Ogre on the run

Jeanne is hospitalized for appendicitis when an ogre suddenly appears and steals her heart. But dying is out of the question! A musketeer and his talking cat appear at the right moment and lend her a dragon’s heart, but it will only work for a day.

Discover Paris in this frantic high-speed chase as a young girl searches for her heart

Les Lettres Volées
Stolen Letters

Françoise, the daughter of the famous Marquise de Sévigné, is given the opportunity to make her start in the world. Navigating her way through malicious gossip, scheming, and compliments with double meanings, she will lead an investigation and find the traces of a compromising paper that might prove the existence of a liaison between her mother and Fouquet…

Under the Sun King, one teenage girl’s search for identity in the merciless world of nobility


The Architective

Armand is like any other teenager. Except perhaps for this gift he has inherited from his father: when he enters a house, he can dive into the soul of the building, reading its memories, injuries, hidden rooms, and every last secret. The walls remember, and they tell their story to those who know how to listen.

Knowing the history and secrets of a house simply by entering it doesn’t make him weird… Or does it ?


La Chute du Guetteur
Daughter of the Stones

Several centuries have passed since the great war of the magi, but the fortress of Jayad is still standing. Lord Arthak d’Althen and his children Tagan and Vallenn are in charge of this endless watch, but they are unaware that a traitor has made a deal with the demon king.

Arthak is defeated, but his children manage to flee, along with the intrepid Kalith, who will learn that she is none other than Gaowhan (the «unique key»), in other words, Daughter of the Stones, and that she is able to channel the demons and send them back into their world.

The battle between Good and Evil and freedom in the face of destiny

Les Sept Cités
The Seven Cities

Of the Seven Cities, province of the High Kingdom, Samarande is the largest, most famous, and above all, most dangerous.

It is in this violent and corrupt world that Iryän Shaän practices his profession : that of a thief. He has numerous adversaries – thieves, assassins, magi, and ghosts – to overcome through his cunning and might.

The flamboyant destiny of an elusive thief inSamarande, city of corruption and violence


Entrée en scène
Leading Role

When Thia goes to the release of a film based on her favorite book saga, she cannot imagine she'll have the chance to meet the cast, and notably the mysterious Maden, whom she has an enormous crush on, and the seductive Jackson, whose easy charm do not leave her indifferent.

Between the shady passion for a man long fantasized about, and this new, unexpected infatuation, Thia is now at the center of an inextricable love triangle, just like the heroine in her favorite book.

When she meets the two men of her dreams, the leading characters in a famous love triangle…

what choice will she make?

New Adult

Bad Romance
Bad Romance

The day – or rather, the night – Chris met Kate, things didn’t really go by the book. His bad boy way of life represents everything Kate is trying to avoid. Yet there is a strange attraction that immediately draws them to one another, almost against their will.

Chris isn’t really like those bad guys Kate has met in the past. He hasn’t chosen this life, and he is struggling in a world that has made him a victim as much as a persecutor. If Kate can see beyond appearances, will others be able to do the same, or does the young man risk paying a very high price for his actions ?

A passion between two people damaged by life who will find the hope of salvation in love

Vers toi
In Eden's Own Words

It’s the last year of high school for Eden – the end of his stormy adolescence in a small town in the United States. After experiencing his first romantic relationships, Eden allows himself to express his love for Damien.

But it’s a love that is very quickly and harshly put to the test, as Damien’s parents are fiercely opposed to their relationship, to the point that they force the young man to go study at a military academy and make it seem as if he has died to Eden, who has just moved to New York for his studies.

One gay teenager’s long journey toward acceptance


Contrat avec un salaud
Contract with a bastard

Amy has a gift for attracting bastards, and her last love affair, a fling with her married boss, cost her her job. Now single, the young woman swears she will never get involved with someone again, although she can give in to physical pleasure from time to time, like the night at the bar when she lets a rather forward man come on to her.

The next day, she receives a call back for a job posting she replied to. But she is far from thinking she will find herself in front of the stranger from the bar.

Could sex without commitment offer them a second chance at love?