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Croatian offer for #BloodCurse by Ange Guéro, crossover novel taking place in Paris still ruled by Monarchy, thrilling!
Bragelonnedeals, 06/03 12:13:40 via web
#Seuls by @MathiasMoucha, a nightmarish tale of fear and death surrounding some old mysterious eyeglasses: frighteningly gripping!
Bragelonnedeals, 04/02 09:54:46 via web
#FortuneCookies by @So_Silene is now out: from a general blackout to a real media dictatorship, this story will awaken the rebel within you.
Bragelonnedeals, 28/01 11:35:08 via web
Pierre Pevel's trilogy will get an edition in Turkey: @TekinYayinevi. Twelfth deal for these remarkable novels.
Bragelonnedeals, 16/01 15:46:22 via web
Two Turkish publishers offering for #TheCardinalsBlades by Pierre Pevel. French Fantasy definitely still in vogue.
Bragelonnedeals, 07/01 10:07:42 via web
I'm very proud to announce that #ThePathofAnger by @Antoine_Rouaud will be published in the US by Thomas Dunne Books, thanks to @Gollancz !
Bragelonnedeals, 20/12 12:05:53 via web
Exciting news: #ThePathofAnger by @Antoine_Rouaud to be published in Italy by @BUR_Rizzoli !
Bragelonnedeals, 13/12 16:56:23 via web
RT @TrudiCanavan: Stayed in bed an extra hour to finish a fabulous book: The Path of Anger by Antoine Rouaud.
Bragelonnedeals, 11/12 10:50:59 via web

Leading Titles


Haut Royaume
High Kingdom

Pierre Pevel, who achieved international renown with his Cardinal’s Blades series published in ten countries, now offers us an action-packed epic that takes place within a world as rich and as believable as any historical setting. As various clans maneuver and clash in anticipation of an impending war of succession, this novel brings together a gallery of enthralling characters, a pinch of magic, and concealed dragons, and is certain to appeal to fans of Game of Thrones.

Pierre Pevel is bringing all the skills of a historical fantasy writer to an epic stage.

La Voie de la Colère
The Book and the Sword

In this debut novel, Antoine Rouaud displays an astonishing virtuosity, creating a very subtle plot based on unfolding secrets, in a fashion seldom seen in a work of Fantasy and designed to sustain a high level of suspense. Depicting mortal characters thrown into the maelstrom of History and who ultimately become figures of legend, The Book and the Sword is a real page-turner !

International Release

World Fantasy Convention 2013

Women's Fiction

Audacieuse Sarah
Audacious Sarah

A formula that never fails: two lovers who are polar opposites.

Set in Maryland during the American Revolutionary War, this novel packed with plot twists portrays the blossoming love between an independent young women and a French nobleman.

Everything opposes them, and yet…

Scandaleuse Elisabeth
Scandalous Élisabeth

A superb portrait of the historical Paris, the novel combines conflict and sensuality: in an elegant style, Éléonore Fernaye tells a love story between a rebellious French noble lady and an American young man during the period of the Enlightenment.

Her worst nightmare: getting married to her lover!

Ce qui nous lie
That Which Binds Us

Alice is no ordinary young woman. Upon the death of her grandmother, a year earlier, a gift came to her: the ability to see the emotional attachments of every person she meets.

That Which Binds Us deals with matters that will speak to any woman: the starting of a professional life, its peculiar atmosphere and issues; and the bonds that form and fade between people.
The subtle touch of supernatural, that remains a detail in the contemporary realistic context, proves to be very effective, in the wake of successful authors such as Guillaume Musso and Marc Levy.

"Original! Enthralling! Strange! Marvellous! Surprising..."

Autour des livres


Sang Maudit
Blood Curse

Plunging the reader into a highly original and carefully thought-out universe which plays with the contrast between the traditional values of the French monarchy and an ultra-contemporary context, Ange Guéro offers us here a novel of exceptional commercial potential.

The author skilfully sets up the dilemma of her heroine, catapulted into the universe of the royal court and its web of intrigue, where she finds herself torn between the role demanded by her social rank and her own feelings.

Blood Curse is also a return to the original myth of the vampire, cruel and dangerous, a far cry from the vapid, toned-down versions we usually see today.

Marie-Antoinette meets Buffy the vampire slayer

Le Jour où
The Day When…

One day, without warning, all the adults fall one after another into a mysterious coma… Children and teenagers suddenly find themselves left to their own devices.

This standalone novel can be seen as a tribute to Lord of the Flies by William Golding, with a very contemporary treatment and deeply touching characters in a world suddenly devoid of familiar landmarks and constraints.


All the adults are asleep…
let the party begin!