Between 2015 and 1572, Adèle must choose.

Adèle and the Wedding of Queen Margot
Adèle and the Wedding of Queen Margot
(Adèle & les Noces de la reine Margot)

Silène EDGAR


Adèle is fed up with her parents, who never understand anything and insist that she keep studying when she could be out having fun with her friends. So, when she finds out she has to read an entire book during her holidays, it’s just too much!

But little by little, Adèle lets herself be carried away by her reading, to the point that she dreams about it at night. And not just any dream: she becomes a character in Queen Margot, and lives at the royal court in the 16th century! She even meets a handsome young man there… But the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre is about to occur and she must warn him of the danger he faces as this tragic event from French history unfolds.

Meanwhile, in Adèle’s waking life, everything is going from bad to worse: poor grades, fights with her parents, misunderstandings with her two best friends…

What Adèle experiences when she closes her eyes is so much more intense than her everyday existence as a 21st century middle school student that it’s becoming harder and harder for her to wake up.

Are her dreams of 1572 worth giving up her life in 2015?


AWARD: Prix Adorezlire 2015

Key points

  • A fresh look at a masterpiece of French literature: Queen Margot, by Alexandre Dumas.
  • Life at the French royal court, seen through the eyes of a present-day teenager, showing the parallels and paradoxes of two different historical periods.
  • A novel dealing with the issues facing contemporary teenagers, about life, friendship, and relations with their parents.
  • A very appealing heroine, who never retreats before any obstacle to save the one who has won her heart.
43 000 words

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