A story that will break your heart before filling it with hope

After the Storm
After the Storm
(Après l’Orage)

Suzanne ROY


In a few short hours, Charlotte’s life has turned upside down. Just when she was about to announce to her fiancé that she was pregnant, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Now she finds herself alone with her doubts, the emptiness that Alex left behind him, and an impossible decision to make – whether or not to keep the child.

Amid this turmoil, Charlotte does her best to welcome Alex’s grieving family: his mother and his brother, who have just arrived from England. Very quickly, Brenda and Carl win the young woman’s trust, and make her a proposal that seems a little crazy: that of wedding Carl in a marriage of convenience in order to provide the child-to-be with a family. In exchange, they promise her unwavering support, family love, and financial comfort.

An arrangement that Charlotte will accept, without suspecting she will fall in love with Carl for real. But life has other fateful blows in store for Charlotte… Will she find happiness again despite her hardships?

Key points

  • A moving reflection on grief and the reconstruction of self
  • A novel exploring relations between brothers, family secrets, and forgiveness
  • A story full of hope that shows that we can weather the worst storms once we learn to trust the people who love us
90,000 words

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