‘One of these very rare books we devour again and again’




The Kingdom of Almoha is divided into two parts by an impassable wall.
In the North, humans have turned into monsters, starving as they crawl in the mud. Nath spends his days fighting relentless sentinels and demons lurking in the fog. Too young to die and unwilling to become a monster himself, he has only one way out: if he wants to survive, he has to go over the wall. No one knows what lies on the other side, although stories tell of a beautiful, prosperous land. But how much faith can you place in a legend? Nevertheless, Nath is ready to conquer paradise at any cost.
What Nath finds on the other side is not at all as he imagined: a poisonous version of the Garden of Eden, full of terrifying perils and evil spirits who manipulate Nath and make him their slave. When he finally manages to free himself, true paradise is still a distant hope. Nath arrives in a hellish land, where the human inhabitants are resisting a devastating invasion by creatures of fire. The only weapon the humans possess is a treasure as precious as it is rare: blue gold. Nath must choose his allies carefully: the human underdogs or… their enemies.

Book 1 The Forbidden Wall
Book 2 The Oath of Fire

Key points

  • Adventures, legends, and a dark atmosphere that keeps the reader constantly on edge
  • Full of the vivid imagination that has made Serge Brussolo a publishing phenomenon
85 000 words per book

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