A sexy and provocative erotic romance by a rising star in the genre


Sara Agnès L.


Newly engaged and an editor of young-adult fiction, Annabelle is faced with a daunting challenge: how to tame John, her publishing house’s hottest author, specializing in S&M erotic novels. This intriguing and charismatic man is very demanding in his choice of the people with whom he is willing to work. Convinced that she has no expertise in this field and that he will never agree to having her as his editor, Anabelle quickly realizes that, on the contrary, John finds her profile particularly appealing. Determined to rise to the occasion, the young woman tries to put her preconceived notions to one side, but how far will she go to satisfy him?
While she relies on her unmatched professionalism, he takes perverse pleasure in throwing her offbalance and arousing her curiosity in order to attract her to him… So that little by little she finds herself drawn into a sexy, lascivious world from which she may never be able to leave.

Key points

• Originally self-published in digital format, this book has generated real enthusiasm, selling thousands of copies
• A sexy, sizzling romance that explores the world of a master and his submissive subjects
• A very appealing heroine with plenty of character

138 000 words

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