‘An eclectic, genre-breaking author gifted with an enthralling writing talent.’
France Inter


Fabrice COLIN


London, 1872.

In the world of Arcadia, reality takes on the colors of dreams: an idyllic kingdom, bathed in the magic of faerie, where ministers are poets and artists are kings, where the future is taboo and death an unlikely prospect.

One day, however, strange omens disturb the peacefulness of Arcadia’s magnificent capital. Blue-tinged nights, a ghostly vessel… The painter Rossetti and his friends feel themselves mysteriously drawn. One hundred and forty years later, in a post-apocalyptic Paris submerged beneath the waters, four young lovers of Victorian art hear the same call, and prepare to tear open the veil that separates the two worlds.

To the sound of Excalibur’s song, and to save Arcadia’s queen, a handful of artists take on the role of knights…


‘Fabrice Colin is a master of French Fantasy. He is a spellbinding storyteller and his novels generate a delightful feeling of wonder.’
Le Monde

Ozone Award (Best Fantasy Novel by a French-language author)


Key points

• An ambitious depiction of Victorian society in a similar vein to Tim Powers
• A fantastic parallel world with a blend of references from Jack the Ripper to Alice in Wonderland
• A major award-winning French author offering a richly detailed universe and an original, carefully crafted style

120 000 words