Everything opposes them, and yet…

Audacious Sarah
Audacious Sarah
(Audacieuse sarah)

Éléonore FERNAYE


Maryland, March 1783. After having spent three years serving in a unit of French volunteers sent in aid of the cause of American independence, Louis d’Arsac must carry out a gloomy mission: the restitution to a young woman of an object belonging to her brother, fallen at the battle of Yorktown.

That is how he meets Sarah Hart, a ravishing creature only twenty years in age, who is managing the family plantation since the death of her father. The medallion he gives her reveals family secrets that deeply upset the young woman and threaten to precipitate events.

When Louis finds himself forced to prolong his stay at the Hart plantation as a storm makes travel by road impossible, he falls beneath the spell of Sarah’s charm and her fiery temperament. Yet, numerous obstacles stand in the path of their union…


'A delightful revelation !'

Key points

• A formula that never fails: two lovers who are polar opposites.
• A carefully researched and depicted historical setting, rendered in a controlled writing style.
• Numerous plot twists and torrid erotic scenes.

80 000 words

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