A passion between two people damaged by life who will find the hope of salvation in love

Bad Romance
Bad Romance



The day – or rather, the night – Chris met Kate, things didn’t really go by the book. He drank far too much and wandered into the wrong tent. Furious, she threatened him with a harpoon gun.

But you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a guy like Chris. His bad boy way of life represents everything Kate is trying to avoid. She has had enough problems, with the death of her mother and the responsibility of her little sister on her shoulders. Yet there is a strange attraction that immediately draws them to one another, almost against their will.

Chris isn’t really like those bad guys Kate has met in the past. He hasn’t chosen this life, and he is struggling in a world that has made him a victim as much as a persecutor. If Kate can see beyond appearances, will others be able to do the same, or does the young man risk paying a very high price for his actions ?

‘Intense, strong and splendid. In a word: kudos!’
Les Chroniques de Madoka


Oustanding sales: over 10.000 in a few weeks!

Key points

• New Adult and its uncompromising themes: how to overcome obstacles when nothing in life is free
• A love story with two voices, allowing us to see the progression of the two characters’ feelings
• Complex and endearing heroes : in short, real !
• Psychological fragility dealt with in an open and subtle manner

115 000 words