‘A sombre novel about the horrific destiny of a girl adrift.’

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(Un Sac)



One dark Paris night a young woman waits at the Panthéon monument, gripping a bag in her hand. She is Anna-Marie Caravelle, the dreaded redhead, the degenerate, the freak.
When, twenty-four years earlier, Monique Bonneuil secretly took her in, she could not have imagined she was sheltering a monster. A monster she was creating. For the girl, driven by her demons, haunted by her history, began to kill. Just a little, at first, and then a lot.
This is the story of Anna-Marie Caravelle. What is she doing there, on her knees in the middle of Paris that night? And what is in that bag that she presses to her chest as though her life depended on it?
AWARD: Amazon Special Jury Award 2015
‘Visceral. Like the stab of a knife.’
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Key points

  • A dark tale of madness, entwining violence and tenderness
  • The first edition of this debut novel was a hit with tens of thousands of online readers
  • A unique style, subtle and strong
50 000 words

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