‘Continuously funny and packed with rare inventiveness.’
Le Monde

Bless you!
Bless you!
(À vos souhaits!)

Fabrice COLIN


Welcome to Newdon, a quirky Victorian London, where human and Fantasy creatures live side by side. The favorite sport there is Quartek, a sort of football played by Ogres and Zombies. Alas, the local team is so bad that its coach John Moon thinks about suicide…
His friends are no better: Vaughan, the elf, is the worst magic student ever, and Gloin MacCough, a dwarf, has been singled out as a disgrace to Dwarfkind due to his absolute inability to grow plants.
But things are going to change. John Moon’s greatest rival, Baron Mordayken – who eats rats for breakfast – has helped the Devil escape his prison and bring chaos to Newdon. It’s now down to our three poor losers to save the universe, with a little help from a sneezy, aggressive, asthmatic little pet dragon…

Key points

• A funny, smart, light-hearted and charming novel
• Perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett, Tim Burton and Tom Holt
• An extremely talented and successful author

99 000 words

Sample chapters available in English

Rights Sold (3 countries)

  • CZECH REPUBLIC (Reverted)
  • POLAND (Reverted)
  • RUSSIA (Reverted)