‘A flair for colourful stories, remarkable characters, and extravagant destinies (…) A novel full of noise and fury, strikingly frenetic and saturated with haunting images.’
Le Monde




Europe has been submerged by a mysterious and dangerous liquid substance, known as “ecryme”. Linked by a fragile network of steel tracks, only a few cities rise above this corrosive sea, governed by an oppressive capitalist aristocracy. But despite repression by the regime’s sinister Propaganda ministry, there are stirrings of revolt…
Louise Kechelev is a dueling-lawyer and daughter of revolutionaries in Prague. When a dirigible airship transporting contraband goes down in the ecryme, she finds herself charged with recovering its precious cargo. In the same area where the airship crashed, an entire regiment of stilt-walking hussars has succombed to a sudden outbreak of insanity. A lone survivor, Major Léon Radurin, is now on the run from the agents of Propaganda.
For Louise and Léon, it’s only the beginning of a one-way journey to the region beyond the end of the tracks, where rumour has it there exists a last haven of freedom: Bohemia.

Key points

• A wildly imaginative addition to the increasingly popular steampunk trend
• A world of steam, steel, and strange inventions
• Stunning, epic and romantic, it’s now a classic

80 000 words