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Emmanuelle NUNCQ


In the imaginary kingdom of Borderedge, the rules of fiction reign supreme and swashbuckling characters abound.
Violette, a bored librarian who would love reading about just this kind of extravagant universe, is fed up with the tedium of her own life.
That isn’t the case with Roxane, heiress to the throne of Borderedge, now pursued by pirates working for the usurper Duke Silas. Escaping into a magic painting found in a goldsmith’s caravan, she emerges in the real world, literally tumbling down on top of Violette. Roxane switches clothing with her, fooling the pirates who abduct the librarian instead and take her back to Borderedge.
But while Roxane frantically seeks to rescue her, Violette grows attached to the pirate holding her captive and starts knocking some realism into him.
All of these fine characters will come together at Borderedge Castle for an epic final battle, where the good guys will triumph over the villains with a display of immense courage, allowing Violette to recover her taste for life, and Roxane, her rightful throne.

When fiction and the real world collide…

Key points

In this delightful tale, which artfully combines a lively pace with a healthy dose of humour, Emmanuelle Nuncq demonstrates her extraordinary inventiveness, creating a very coherent universe with deft transitions between the real world and an imaginary land.

• An easy read, perfect for younger readers
• Packed with action, humour and fun
• A highly original and fascinating universe

70 000 words

Sample chapters available in English