‘A mythos creator and a skilled storyteller, Gaborit introduces us to a fascinating universe and enriches it with his fertile imagination.’
Lanfeust Magazine

Chronicles of the Feals
Chronicles of the Feals
(Les Chroniques des Féals)



Hidden away in the heart of the Empire of the Claw, The Scarlet Tower is home to a mysterious religious order devoted to the most fabulous of creatures, the phoenixes. There initiates learn the secrets of the firebird; how to raise them from their ashes, and how to master their powers.
Januel is one of these initiates, and he’s both young and exceptionally talented. When the Emperor’s phoenix must be resurrected Januel is chosen to perform the ritual and, in so doing, seal an alliance between the Empire and their allies against Decay, the domain of the dead. But the ritual goes wrong, the Emperor is killed, and his phoenix finds refuge… in Januel’s heart.
Forced to flee, the young phoenixer embarks on a long and dangerous journey to prove his innocence and fight Decay – if he can find a way to control the phoenix in his heart...

Book 1 Heart of the Phoenix
Book 2 The Venom
Book 3 The King of Ashes
Omnibus Chronicles of the Feals

Key points

An exceptionally engaging and commercial trilogy from the leading French Fantasy author
• Iconic Fantasy creatures, including dragons and phoenixes, in a classic Fantasy tale of magic, high adventure and war
• 60,000 copies of the trilogy sold in France!

228 000 words (omnibus)

Sample chapters available in English

Rights Sold (2 countries)

  • GERMANY (Reverted)
  • RUSSIA (Reverted)