Dating 2.0: realistic, touching, and hilarious!

Close Encounters of a Funny Kind of Guy
Close Encounters of a Funny Kind of Guy
(Rencontres d’un drôle de type)



Gérard has just been through a divorce. But he still dreams of love and the ideal woman. So where does one find a soul mate in these networked times?

An ingenuous fifty year old with a soft heart, but also a corrosive sense of humour, Gérard decides to try the dating websites. And soon realises that finding that special someone is not going to be easy…

Through the hilarious and touching tales of his meetings and mishaps, from the female collector of ‘Dating Site Boys’ to the intense astrology fanatic, Gérard learns to live on his own and to enjoy the pleasures of being single.

Always funny, but never cruel, this romantic comedy and true-to-life chronicle of modern times and Love 2.0 is impossible to put down.

Key points

• A highly unusual take on dating sites.
• A portrait gallery both touching and funny.
• Incisive writing with a striking style.

35 000 words