‘A manifesto for the steampunk movement. (…) Hectic action, written in an elegant modern style.’

Confessions of an Opium-Eating Automaton
Confessions of an Opium-Eating Automaton
(Confessions d'un automate mangeur d'opium)

Fabrice COLIN,Mathieu GABORIT


Paris, 1899. The city is filled with flying machines and other technological marvels fuelled by æther, a mysterious source of phenomenal energy.

But the murder of a young woman, who falls from a hansom flying over the Garnier Opera Palace, disturbs the festivities for the Universal Exposition. The crime also involves an automaton, one of the new household machines that serve mankind.

Margaret Saunders decides to carry out her own investigation, helped by her brother Théo, an alienist who has been studying closely the impact of æther on human behaviour.

But things quickly become complicated: the victim’s father receives threats; the automaton turns out to be demented, or even worse, intelligent… These are just some of the elements in the mystery our two heroes attempt to unravel.

• Prix Bob Morane 2000 for Best French-language Novel

Key points

• All the ingredients readers love in steampunk: adventures and wild ideas!
• A magnificent text, mixing various genres and influences
• An exuberant novel full of action, humour and poetry
• Jules Verne meets Edgar A. Poe

90,000 words