Could sex without commitment offer them a second chance at love?

Contract with a bastard
Contract with a bastard
(Contrat avec un salaud)

Sara Agnès L.


Amy has a gift for attracting bastards, and her love affairs have all ended up catastrophes. The last one, a fling with her married boss, cost her her job. Now single, the young woman swears she will never get involved with someone again, although she can give in to physical pleasure from time to time, like the night at the bar when she lets a rather forward man come on to her.

The next day, she receives a call back for a job posting she replied to. She is happy to meet the man she might work for, an artist who specializes in stage design and who needs an assistant. But she is far from thinking she will find herself in front of the stranger from the bar. He remembers her perfectly, and not only does he decide to offer her the job, he also wants to repeat his exploits at the bar, but without any commitment.

Will Olivier be the next bastard to ruin Amy’s life, or will he prove to be much better for her than he seems at first ?

Key points

• Best-selling and expert erotic fiction author
• A touching true love story offering disillusioned characters a second chance at happiness
• Double narration allows reader to see the needs and motivations of the two protagonists, each as appealing as the other

170 000 words