Linda was ready for anything on this mission – except falling head over heels for the enemy!

Dangerous Game
Dangerous Game



Being a field operative for a private security company is no bed of roses! But Linda loves her job, far from the humdrum of everyday life.

During a solo mission in Paris, she meets a stranger on a café terrace while she’s staking out a building. Charmed by the man, she indulges in a night of passion in his arms. She certainly doesn’t expect to run into him later, in the same building where she is trying to hide microphones! So who is this mysterious and seductive Leandro? Could he be a spy on a mission, too? Or was he hired to get rid of her?

One thing is sure – Linda will not let herself get reeled in again by those gorgeous hazel eyes. This guy owes her an explanation, and a good one, if he hopes to keep his family jewels!

Key points

  • A lively romance full ofaction and humor
  • An endearing heroine,headstrong and enthusiastic
  • Romantic suspense on thelevel of a spy movie!
70 000 words