A fatal attraction between two men that everything opposes

Dust City
Dust City



In Dust City, might makes right.

Killian knows this only too well – his own brother, Damon, has risen to the top of one of the city’s most powerful clans. A life style that Kill is seeking to flee at all cost, which does not prevent him from experiencing a powerful fascination with Damon.

Abducted, Kill finds himself in the hands of Damon’s sworn enemy, the mysterious Sin, who is seeking to avenge the terrible loss he has just suffered. Kill has no illusions about his fate: he won’t come out alive from this struggle between the two clan chiefs.

Yet the greatest danger he faces may be the feelings Sin inspires in him…

He will end up becoming deeply attached to this gangster who is more fragile than he looks, to the point of being forced to choose between the ties of blood and those of his heart.

Key points

  • A forbidden, steamy attraction between two men from opposing camps.
  • A very appealing hero, lost in a city ruled by crime and warring gangs, who will pay a heavy price for his innocence.
  • A closed-door drama that steadily increases in tension.
40 000 words