‘Magali Ségura writes with a pen which is both poetic and powerful, keeping us bewitched by its spell’
Chroniques de l’imaginaire




In the Saltearth archipelago, a seed containing a gift is received from the gods every 500 years, and an individual is elected to decide how it will be used.
When several minor sorceresses are murdered, Naslie, a descendant of those endowed with the gift of Magic, flees from the Ancient One, whose menacing shadow she has sensed pursuing her over the years.
Her eight-year-old son Jelis goes off to his father, a powerful warrior of the Steel, determined to force his parents to reconcile. But Jelis remains unaware that he represents the impossible fruit of an alliance between Magic and Steel, a combination whose powers are dreaded. Threatened by the devious tricks of a sorcerer and the ghost of a demonic queen, he must place his trust in the counsels of the strange “luminis” who watches over his family.
As their past returns to haunt them, his parents set aside their pride and rancour to resume their quest for the seed of Eternity, confronting their most terrifying memories in the hope of saving their son.

Book 1 Alaya’s Price
Book 2 Sand and Blood
Book 3 The Dunes in the Wind

Key points

• A simple family drama, but which takes place against the backdrop of a richly imagined and plausible universe
• An engaging tale, presenting well-constructed characters with psychological depth
• By the award winning author of Leïlan

110 000 words