‘With its funky dialogues and heroine in full fury, it’s a truly irresistible mix. THE Bit-lit novel you should read, definitely. A true delight’
Urban Lecture & Co

Fanged and Furious
Fanged and Furious
(Rage de dents)



Maeve spends her time trying to control her hot temper and drowning her troubles, including a series of gory nightmares, in alcohol and in the arms of her numerous lovers.
When she meets Lukas, she feels an extraordinary attraction for him. That is... until he abducts her and reveals she is the secret daughter of a powerful centuries-old vampire against whom Lukas is seeking revenge. Plus Maeve’s father wants her dead because of the key role she plays in a prophecy. Just great...
Struggling to resist Lukas’s shameless advances, she decides to cooperate with him and undergo training to confront her dad. Little by little, she discovers the extent of her new powers, along with her family’s dark secrets, and comes to realise that in fact her troubles have only just begun...

‘Flowing prose and punchy dialogues, a funny and lively book’

‘A small gem of sharp-edged humour !’
Anita Blake Forum

Marika Gallman presents us with a highly effective narrative that unfolds in a fluid, dynamic fashion and offers the kind of down-to-earth, strong and realistic heroine we all can love. Maeve’s unique outlook on life and sarcastic wit add an authentic and very contemporary flavour to this fresh, original work. A first novel with great commercial promise which mixes violence and romance to perfection, and reveals an author already in possession of a masterful style.

Book 1 Fanged and Furious
Book 2 Fang for a Fang
Book 3 Long in the Fang
Book 4 Fangfully Yours
Book 5 The Fanged and the Reckless


Key points

• A fast-paced story, with plenty of action and combat
• Told in a colloquial and often hilarious manner
• In a similar vein to Laurell K. Hamilton and Chloe Neill

100 000 words

Sample chapters available in English

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