An old flame, secret grudges: a story of second chances in sunny Spain

For Better of for Worse
For Better of for Worse
(Pour le meilleur et pour le pire)


Jennifer is proud of her life in Montreal. She has a stimulating career and a boyfriend who pampers her, and she doesn’t need anything else – especially not her estranged husband!

Yet there Bruno is, eight years after the marvelous summer they spent on his property in Spain. They fell madly in love, got married, and then separated for reasons still unknown to him. Now he is demanding that she return to Spain, in order to get divorced as soon as possible because he plans on remarrying soon.

Jennifer is forced to return to the place she had wished to forget and revisit their past. These two fiery temperaments in constant conflict could reignite the flame of an allconsuming passion...

Key points

  • A story about secrets and second chances in spite of obstacles, with revelations right up to the end
  • The idyllic and caliente setting of a vineyard property in Spain
  • A rhythmic and sexy romance
80 000 words

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