From the general blackout to the media dictatorship, a hard-hitting, realistic and timely text, which will awaken the rebel inside you.

Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies

Silène EDGAR


Brittany, tomorrow:

An electrical power outage plunges the small lives of Blanche and Hadrien into darkness, along with whole of Europe. A mysterious rumour filters through the radio waves: the government is concealing something going on in the south… Is it war? Their daughter is far away, on holiday in Spain. Hadrien decides to leave immediately in search of her, but Blanche is afraid.

Paris, the day after tomorrow:

A state of emergency has been declared, and the people are gagged. Blanche has become Bianca, a member of the resistance. The opponents to the dictatorship over the media employ consumer networks to get their messages out, on chicken baskets, detergent barrels, or inside fortune cookies, but soon more drastic measures will be needed. Bianca finds strength in the arms of Joshua, and she never speaks of Hadrien, or of her daughter.

Something dramatic happened on the road.

Key points

• A story close to current events, stressing the dangers of the present economic crisis.
• A strong, subversive tale about political and moral commitment.
• The unforgettable main character: a mother torn between her family worries and her sense of civic duty.

36 000 words