When birthdates determine one’s place in society, radically different fates may await two sisters

Free As A Dream
Free As A Dream
(Aussi libres qu'un rĂªve)



At the end of the 21st century, the Birthdate law tells you which job you’ll get. If you’re born in January, you can have your dream job: actor, singer, anything is possible. Born in December you’re at the bottom of the barrel!

Minöa and Silnëi are twin sisters born several minutes apart the night of the 31st of December – the first at 11:58 p.m. and the second at 12:07 a.m.! The tyranny of Birthdates promises them radically different destinies, but that won’t stop them from joining forces to battle injustice and the established order.

They find help from Kléano, rebel singer in a rock group who may be more important to overthrowing the dictatorship than he would ever know... Because some secrets are well-kept, and President Wallow may have bypassed his own law in order to grant his son all the advantages of a noble birth.

• Prix Chronos
• Prix Ruralivre en Nord Pas de Calais
• Prix des collégiens de l’Estuaire
• Prix Jacaranda

Key points

  • A dystopia in line with major young-adult bestsellers, for ages 10 +
  • A political story about injustice and equal rights
  • The fine, lively writing style of an up-and-coming author
50 000 words

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