A game of quizzes and challenges that will put your geek culture to the test!


S├ębastien MORICARD


More than 700 questions & 130 exciting challenges!


Choose your specialty among six themes: Literature, TV Series, Cinema, Comics, Video Games, Manga

… and pool your skills with other players to rule the game and make your team win!


In Game Of Thrones, what’s the motto of House Greyjoy?

In The Matrix, what’s the name of Morpheus’ ship?

What’s the real name of the planet called “Dune”?


Key points

Why the Geek culture?

  • Because the box office hits are Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, X-Men and Avatar;
  • Because smartphones and tablets are the new essentials;
  • Because video games have become the 10th art;
  • And because Geek culture is now part of any 15-35-year-old daily life!

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