An exciting and ambitious series from a superb writer

Genesia - The Crimson Chronicles
Genesia - The Crimson Chronicles
(Genesia - Les Chroniques pourpres)

Alexandre MALAGOLI


Evan, a young and lazy shepherd, wishes for adventure. Which, when he finds himself fleeing his home and family pursued by Inquisitors, suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all.
Caessia, the young princess, is also on the road. Having defied her father and escaped the palace to avoid an arranged marriage, fate decrees that she and Evan should meet up. And that the princess should come to understand the truth of the tyrannical hold her family has over their unfortunate Kingdom.
Old prophecies are stirring, and old magic is coming to life. The shades of Kings long dead are coming back to haunt the Chosen One – the prophesied saviour who can wield Sorcelame, a sentient ensorcelled sword of unprecedented power for good or evil – who can stop the last prophetess from seizing control of the world. But who can wield the sword, and can they prevent dark powers from seizing it? Prophecies are stirring, the dead are rising, and war is coming to the world…

Book 1 Sorcelame
Book 2 The Seventh Star
Book3 The Hour of the Dragon
Book 4 The Last Prophetess
Omnibus Genesia

Key points

  • Highly commercial series perfect for fans of Kristin Cashore
  • Gripping, entertaining and fun, this is a great, traditional fantasy story
85 000 words per book