When an angel of death meets a doctor ready to do anything to save lives

Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent
(Un Cadeau du Ciel)

Suzanne ROY


For as long as she can remember, Elina has had only one mission, one reason for being: she appears at the bedside of the dying and guides the soul detached from its body to the door it must cross. She has no idea what awaits the human souls on the other side, and she has no desire to find out. She does not care much at all about them; after all, they had their time on Earth, and they should have made the best of it, right?
Until the day she lets a soul escape… a soul whose body has returned to life thanks to the stubborn efforts of a doctor in emergency services. And then it happens again… Caught short, Elina no longer has any choice: she must discover what makes this man so special. Her fate is sealed when she finds herself abandoned on Earth, frightened and disoriented, with a single name on her lips: that of Éric Séguin, the doctor who will change her life.

Key points

• An impossible story, at the limit of reality, in a similar vein to Marc Lévy
• The fascinating evolution of a pure, innocent character who discovers the world and human feelings for the first time
• A poetic and passionate love story, that will not leave readers unmoved

99 000 words