An action-packed tale of war, battle and dark prophecies




Audric is the ‘Demon’s Scourge’. The captain of the Serpent Horde owes his nickname to the jointed steel armband that allows him to wield a gigantic sword that no other living man can even lift. It is rumoured that he acquired this superhuman strength by means of some infernal pact.
Audric pays no heed to these rumours, just as he ignores the warnings of his personal soothsayer, Umiade, concerning a young peasant boy he rescued on the battlefield. It was the first time he’d ever intervened to save anyone’s life … But the boy, Marween, has seized the opportunity to join up with this band of mercenaries and soon his considerable merits seem to render Umiade’s fears groundless.
After a string of successes helps boost the Serpent’s prestige, Duke Coresh hires the horde to carry out an extraordinary mission in enemy territory: the abduction of a legendary female soothsayer, capable, not only of foretelling the future, but also of altering its course. Whoever controls her will rule the world…

Book 1 Serpent’s Ascent
Book 2 Flight of the Eagle
Book 3 Fangs of the Tiger

Omnibus Hordes

Key points

• Epic Fantasy for fans of David Gemmell, Glen Cook and Mark Lawrence
• A band of mercenaries in an accessible and compelling Fantasy universe

105 000 words per book

Sample chapters available in English