She swore that she would never again let a man kiss her…

Infinite Chaos
Infinite Chaos
(Nos Infinis chaos)

Alfreda ENWY


A terrible thing happened to Dylan when she was a teenager. Since then all her efforts have been focused on rebuilding her life. She moves to San Francisco hoping to finally get everything in order. She plans to continue her combat sports training, get a degree in management, and, above all, keep well away from menfolk.

For she has sworn that her lips will never again kiss anyone. Never.But that oath was made before she met Nate, a seductive boxer with a dark past, and his four-year-old son, a boy just as charming as his father.

They keep running into each other, and little by little, Dylan feels her heart and her body reawaken, and her past troubles come back to haunt her.


His gaze came to rest on my lips. He devoured them with his eyes.

Dont kiss me’ I murmured. ‘Dont try to kiss me, Nate. Ever.

Key points

  • A New Adult novel that handles the theme of rape with sensitivity and accuracy
  • A feisty heroine and a doting father far from the bad boycliché
  • The alchemy between the protagonists maintains the tension throughout this story of all-conquering love
100 000 words