When she meets the two men of her dreams, the leading characters in a famous love triangle…

what choice will she make?

Leading Role
Leading Role
(Premier RĂ´le)


Professional dancer Thia is a passionate young woman. When she hears that a fan event has been organized around the release of a film based on her favorite book saga, she doesn’t think twice. Heading there with her best friends, she cannot imagine what awaits her. Through a fortunate set of circumstances, she has the chance to meet the actors, and notably, the handsome and mysterious Maden, whom she has an enormous crush on.

To her own surprise, however, she finds herself flirting with the seductive Jackson, whose accessibility and easy charm do not leave her indifferent. Between the shady passion for a man long fantasized about, and this new, unexpected infatuation, the choice proves to be difficult. Thia is now at the center of an inextricable love triangle, just like the heroine in her favorite book.

Key points

• An exhilarating love triangle
• An alternative ending: the reader can choose which man wins her heart!
• A story inspired by the phenomenon of Twilight fan fiction and the world of showbiz

145 000 words