A nail-biting thriller, based on both real historical events
and urban legends, that will capture the reader in its web




Is the hospital haunted?
A series of apparently motiveless murders has rocked the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Nantes. Police captain Ael Guivarch, an obsessive perfectionist and a methodical rationalist, refuses to believe in a supernatural cause for the escalating violence, certain there must be a logical explanation. But his quest for truth risks endangering his deepest convictions… and perhaps even more.
With Légion, David Forrest delivers a novel that weaves back and forth between the crime and horror genres in a tale that combines terror, suspense, and black comedy, keeping the reader dangling until the very last pages.

Légion and Prométhium are the first two volumes in a trilogy but can be read independently. Faithful readers will come across allusions and characters previously encountered in one or the other.

Key points

• A self-publishing phenomenon that has already acquired a large fan following
• An effective, commercial style of writing aimed at a wide readership
• A fast-paced and surprising thriller situated at the point where history meets legend

50 000 words