‘A revelation’
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Leïlan is the Land of Illusions, a mysterious kingdom. These doomed lands, whose borders are closed, are spoken of with respect mingled with fear. A terrible tragedy has fallen upon the royal family. And ever since then, the people of Leïlan have been oppressed by Duke Korta, who is manipulating the king from the shadows behind the throne.
But Axel, a young messenger, has managed to enter the kingdom of Leïlan. And once there he meets a beautiful young girl, and immediately falls in love with her dazzling blue eyes. At the same time, there is new hope in Leïlan: the Mask, a daring and elusive righter of wrongs, constantly defying the duke’s authority. Living deep in the Forbidden Forest, he has gathered to his cause a company of loyal men, each of whom has astonishing resources, abilities and daring.
But appearances are deceptive: behind the Mask hides Axel’s blue-eyed girl. And Axel himself is a prince hiding a secret of his own: his tragic destiny has been decided by the will of the Three Fairies. Their prophecy decrees that he no longer has the right to fall in love…

‘A Fantasy adventure that owes as much toThe Three Musketeers as to The Lord of the Rings’

Book 1 Leïlan’s Eyes
Book 2 For Eloïse
Book 3 A Moonless Night
Omnibus Leïlan

Key points

Leïlan is a mysterious kingdom, a land of illusions, of adventure, of magical beasts, evil dukes, prophecy, love and cloak-and-dagger escapades. Featuring duels to the death against shape-shifting forest creatures, royal intrigues, double-crosses and prophecies of love, death and final confrontations, Leïlan is one of the most readable, evocative, passionate and gripping of French fantasies.

• Subtle, touching and evocative characterisation
• A cloak-and-dagger trilogy of romance, royal intrigue, adventure and passion
• The perfect YA crossover with a real appeal for both adultand young adult readerships

274 000 words (omnibus)

Sample chapters available in English

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