A dazzling novel about the joy of allowing trust and emotion to prevail

Life Lines
Life Lines
(Lignes de Vie)

Samantha BAILLY


Gabrielle and Antoine have perhaps run into one another before, on a street corner, at the botanical gardens, or in a café. But nothing has destined them to meet. And yet, a simple anonymous letter is about to alter their fates… if they’re willing to gamble on a wild chance and pay heed to their feelings.
Gamble? Chance? The two of them are about to discover what the word ‘trust’ really means. Can one become attached to another human being simply through words, and change one’s path for a complete stranger?
We all need a shoulder to lean on, but are we aware of what that implies?
In a time when people communicate mainly by e-mails and text messages, this book allows us to discover the pleasures of handwritten correspondence, and ambiguity. And the fear of revealing oneself, of actually meeting for real.

Key points

• An original epistolary novel, written in an impeccable literary style
• An upbeat story, full of delicacy and tenderness
• An authentic approach, and an ode to truth and the integrity of passion

23 300 words