‘Johana Gustawsson has taken the thriller into a new dimension. Her subtle and surprising novels are the fruit of an immense talent.’
Karen Sullivan, Orenda Books



Torvsjön, 16 July 2015. The dismembered body of a woman, minus several pounds of flesh, is found on the shores of a Swedish lake.
London, the next morning. The profiler Emily Roy is called to a crime scene. The actress Julianne Bell has been abducted and her shoes have been found nearby, neatly wrapped in a freezer bag.
These two crimes bear all the hallmarks of Richard Hemfield, the “Terror of Tower Hamlets”. But for the past decade he has been in the high-security Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, serving a life sentence for the murder of six women and of the partner of French writer Alexis Castells. So how could he possibly be linked to these latest crimes?
Emily and Alexis team up to track down a voracious and terrifying killer, plunging into the labyrinth of a perverse mind that harks back to the ill-famed streets of Victorian London.


‘ An audacious writer, brimming with talent.’

R.J. Ellory


Key points

  • A grisly new challenge for our favourite duo of female investigators!
  • A sombre and blood-soaked thriller that echoes with the ghosts of late 19th-century London
  • A female-driven novel in which all women, from the angel to the devil, face adversity
  • Brisk and brilliant narration that turns on a series of breath-taking twists
75 000 words

Full manuscript soon available in English

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