‘It’s been a very long time since my imagination got carried away like this’

Necrophiliacs Anonymous
Necrophiliacs Anonymous
(Les Nécrophiles Anonymes)



The peaceful existence of Népomucène, funeral home director, is disturbed by a dangerous serial killer. Népomucène fears that he may be the next target. His devoted friend, Bob, a 150-year-old vampire, investigates the case, convinced that the murderer is not human. The undertaker grows increasingly worried as Bob takes more and more risks to protect him…
But the undead don’t die, do they? Bob may find out when he attends a very strange reception held by the mysterious Dorian Gray, who feeds on his guests’ souls. Can Bob save his own soul from the greedy host?
The beautiful Gabrielle would also prefer not to sell her soul to the devil. Her job consists in fighting supernatural creatures who threaten our world. But an alchemical virus developed by her brother is turning even relatively harmless demons into bloodthirsty monsters. Faced with this outbreak, Gabrielle’s sworn enemies may turn out to be her most precious allies.

Book 1 Quadruple Murder in the Rue Morgue

Book 2 The Strange Case of Doctor Ravna and Mister Gray

Book 3 The Last of the Nephilim

Book 4 The Demons' Island

Key points

  • Uncomplicated, sympathetic characters
  • A cozy, informal atmosphere, in which fantastic creatures are an accepted fact of life
  • Humorous references and cultural allusions that add depth to the stories
35 000 words per book