If it were you, would you have answered that personal ad… ?

Night’s Gold
Night’s Gold
(L’Or et la nuit)

Sara Agnès L.


‘Generous man seeks free-spirited young woman to reside in his home. Must be beautiful, interesting, cultivated, 24-28 years in age, open to naughty games…’

That day, when looking through the newspaper for job offers, Victoria comes across this rather surprisins personal ad. Victoria is fully aware that she has nothing in common with the sort of women who usually answer these ads. Yet a sudden impulse causes her to send off an application. Her need of money, the thrill of the forbidden…? Anyway, she’s convinced nobody will call her back.

Yet, contrary to her expectations, her CV draws the attention of the attractive and intriguing Lukas Martinez, curious to know what might have driven such a young woman to write to him. Will Victoria, who already deeply regrets her gesture, allow herself to be caught up in the game?

Key points

• An appealing heroine with real character!
• An exciting situation: an ordinary woman takes a plunge and does something crazy.
• A sensual, spicy erotic romance, written in a fluid 100and masterful style.

100 000 words

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