The most important match of their career won’t be played on the pitch…

(Hors jeu)



When you’re a professional footballer, it’s not easy to protect your private life, and even less to open about being gay.
Wade Perkins knows it only too well. Captain of the Manchester team and popular with the supporters, he’s been pretending to be a womanizer for years now. And what if that makes it impossible for him to find true love? He’s willing to live with it. At least, that’s what he believes, until Nikki joins his team. The attraction between Wade and the newcomer is immediate, but what kind of relationship can the two men build without destroying their careers, or even their lives…?
Even worse, Nikki’s transfer seems to be linked to a rather murky affair involving his former team. Yet he’s the one who will teach Wade that, sometimes, one needs to let the masks fall, even at the risk of losing everything, in order to have a chance at being happy.

Key points

  • A breath-taking and wellexecuted gay romance, with gorgeous erotic scenes
  • A reflection on the difficulties of being openly gay in a sports world as macho as European football
  • The alternating points of view, showing the intensifying desire and the rising doubts, give a true rhythm to the text
165,000 words