An explosive thriller that never lets up, in an intrigue
where terrifying enigmas and real-life facts intertwine




A radioactive body fallen from the sky triggers a series of events that will lead police lieutenant Inès Herrera into a dizzying spiral of death.
Pursued by sinister individuals prepared to do anything in order to make the irradiated corpse and any evidence of its existence disappear, she takes reference with the only person she can trust, her former boss in the criminal investigation squad, who, since reviving from a coma several months earlier, has been living secluded at home.
The young woman succeeds in persuading him to help her and the pair embark on a frantic chase, as both hunters and prey, into the heart of a far-reaching plot aimed at covering up incredible secrets.
Faced with unexpected enemies and unimaginable dangers, they must overcome their own inner demons in order to survive.

Key points

• A mystery novel in the form of an action thriller
• A compelling mix involving secret societies and supernatural elements
• The second volume in a trilogy that has already won over readers

85 000 words