A scientific action thriller that tackles an alarming global health issue



Katelyn, a medical student, is working a summer job on a billionaire’s yacht when a deadly epidemic wipes out all the passengers. The killer bacteria, nicknamed adversus, is resistant to all known treatments.
Katelyn is somehow immune and is the sole survivor. She’s recruited and trained by the Anti-Bioterrorism Centre and is sent on a secret mission to bring in the infector, even if this requires getting very close to him. She soon realises the man she is hunting down may not be the cold-blooded killer she’s been warned of, and her growing feelings for him may begin to affect her judgement.
Katelyn is thrown into a race against time as she discovers a labyrinthine medical world and glimpses a possibly apocalyptic future for humanity.
This novel is more scientific fiction than science fiction. Both entertaining and a mine of information, it is also a cry of alarm about the growing human resistance to antibiotics.

Key points

  • A text scientifically approved by dozens of international researchers, published at a time when the World Health Organization has called antibiotic resistance a global crisis
  • A riveting thriller that both entertains and raises awareness of a global problem
  • A book that will appeal to all medical-related professions across the world, including pharmaceutical laboratories
100 000 words

Full manuscript available in English

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