The return of the cult series!

Return to River Falls
Return to River Falls
(Retour à River Falls)



It’s early summer and the small town of River Falls is the perfect base for lovers of nature. But when hikers discover the body of a young girl who has been killed in ritualistic fashion, fear grips the town’s inhabitants.

Mike Logan has just been appointed sheriff and the last thing he needs is another murder. Mike and his wife Jessica Hurley, an FBI profiler, immediately focus on the Big Circus troupe. The itinerant circus, which has just returned to town after twenty years on the road, has more than its fair share of outcasts and weirdos, each one of whom would make the perfect suspect.

But Stephen Callahan, a war reporter who has returned to the town where he grew up, thinks otherwise. He starts his own investigation, convinced that the most obvious lead is rarely the best one…


’As efficient as a great ‘made in the USA’ thriller’ LE POINT 

’The author maintains the suspense from the first line to the last’ FEMME ACTUELLE

’Clearly one of the leading French authors in the genre’ BALTHAZAR MAG

Key points

  • A tense thriller, a complex plot and a unique feeling for suspense and action
  • An author widely regarded as the “French Harlan Coben”
  • The latest novel from a popular and prize-winning series (more than 100,000 readers in France)
77.000 WORDS