‘Fabrice Colin is a master of French Fantasy. He is a spellbinding storyteller and his novels generate a delightful feeling of wonder.’
Le Monde


Fabrice COLIN


Barkhan’s tale is a tragic one. Born in the Land of the Thousand Canyons, Barkhan was orphaned when invaders – tall, merciless Senthaï warriors, clad in black steel – slaughtered his family. Found and raised by the emperor’s brother, in the great city of Dât-Lakhan, he ultimately sacrificed himself for the man who had saved his life. Sentenced to death for a crime he hadn’t committed he escaped the city and fled for his life.
After years of exile, Barkhan can return to his childhood home, for the old Emperor has died, replaced by his brother, and Barkhan and his wife finally reap the rewards of his sacrifice: a Generalship. Sent to fight his old enemy, the Senthaï, Barkhan faces them at the gates to the city itself… and discovers too late that it’s a trap. His wife is raped and murdered, and Barkhan himself is killed.
But the tale doesn’t end here; Barkhan’s death is only the beginning. Because a warrior has appeared, bearing a sword named Revenge. And that’s what he has come to claim – revenge for Barkhan’s death…

Key points

• Epic Fantasy in the tradition of David Gemmell
• A powerful Fantasy tale of intrigue, war, violence and betrayal

96 000 words

Sample chapters available in English

Rights Sold (2 countries)

  • CROATIA (Reverted)
  • RUSSIA (Reverted)