No one knows she’s the last hope of humanity.
And that suits her just fine.

Saint Mary of the Shadows
Saint Mary of the Shadows
(Sainte Marie des Ombres)

Sophie DABAT


For more than twenty years, the Shadows have haunted the world, devouring every living being within their reach. Except for one little girl, no one has ever survived their poison. But the girl became a laboratory rat subjected to cruel experiments, before her parents sacrifi ced themselves to save her.

After several years spent on the run from the government and fi ghting to survive, Lily Turner has become a woman almost like any other. A tattoo artist, she shares her life with her boyfriend and her dog, and no one knows that she was once nicknamed ‘Saint Mary of the Shadows’, the healer. But a series of murders risks changing everything she built, and forces Lily to make diffi cult choices, both to protect herself and to save those she loves… And meanwhile she must face up to a painful truth: her immunity to the vile creatures could be humanity’s only hope.

Some choices damn us for eternity

Book 1 The Burning of the Night
Book 2 The Child of Darkness
Book 3 The Devourers’ Sway
Book 4 Her Part of Darkness
Book 5 The Memory of the Shadows


Key points

  • Fast-paced urban fantasy, full of action and dark humour
  • An investigation tinged with horror and punk rock vibes
  • A passionate, moving love story
120,000 words per book