And the Devil created hell.
Well, he created hell for others...
Satan is Just Another Man
Satan is Just Another Man
(Satan est un homme comme les autres)



Adrian Sheffield is a virtuoso pianist considered a genius by many. Alas he is also a young man with quite a nasty character, whose biting and decidedly off-color sense of humour eventually leads to him getting fewer and fewer invitations to play concerts.
One day he receives a threatening letter and his agent decides to hire a bodyguard to protect him, while also using the opportunity to put his client back in the media spotlight. The bodyguard is an enthusiastic and very professional young woman called Carrie. But Adrien, annoyed because he sees women as unfit to do such work properly, decides to make Carrie’s life hell.
As this odd couple slowly get to know each other, the obnoxious mask the pianist presents to the world slowly comes off and a much more appealing character emerges.

Key points

  • Hilarious contemporary comedy
  • A feel-good page-turner love story
  • The interesting perspective of a complex male character hiding his wounds behind a sarcastic facade
100 000 words