A nightmarish story that will keep you holding your breath right up until final full stop.



Mathieu thought he was embarking on a quick trip to the Czech Republic, long enough to wrap up of the affairs of his grandfather, who has just died, and maybe have a beer in a typical Prague pivnice along with his brother, his nephew and a friend. But as soon as he sets foot in his ancestors’ sinister village, his escapade turns into a nightmare.

From the deep heart of Bohemia to Prague’s old streets, escaping a dangerous group of Nazis looking for mystical relics and doing his best to resist the lure of the unknow, Mathieu follows a path strewn with horrendous discoveries.

A journey where his sole companions will be fear, death, and an old pair of glasses.


A return to family roots that turns into a descent into hell.

Key points

• A ‘Lovecraftian’ horror story, in which the fantastic atmosphere is particularly finely crafted.
• A breath-taking hunt, with numerous unexpected twists.
• A sensitive, elegant and welldocumented piece of writing.

51 000 words