Three adventures in time and space from a master of French science fiction

So Far from Earth
So Far from Earth
(Très loin de la Terre)

Jean-Pierre ANDREVON


In The Time of the Great Hunts, Roll and his clan of seemingly prehistoric (or perhaps post-apocalyptic) men encounter creatures who wear armor fly through the air in ominous steel birds. Soon these two evolutionary alternatives to present-day humanity clash. But which of them represents the more enviable state? And which is the more human?
In The War of the Gruuls, humanity has conquered many planets beyond the solar system, but now finds itself under attack by another intelligent lifeform. Able to travel faster than light and armed with a terrible weapon, the invaders threaten to overrun the humans’ defenses and cut off all communication between Earth and its colonies.
Finally, in The God of Light, an exploratory vessel from Earth takes a bold interstellar leap and lands on a distant planet, supposedly devoid of life, only to discover the presence of inhabitants who speak English and worship a god that looks suspiciously like a spaceship. How is this possible? Has something affected Time itself?

Book 1 The Time of the Great Hunts
Book 2 The War of the Gruuls
Book 3 The God of Light
Omnibus So Far from Earth

Key points

  • Three major novels of science fiction, that can be published separately or as an omnibus
  • An inimitable style dedicated to a humanist vision of  life and the universe.
215 000 words (omnibus)