Under the Sun King, one teenage girl’s search for identity in the merciless world of nobility

Stolen Letters
Stolen Letters
(Les Lettres Volées)

Silène EDGAR


Françoise is the daughter of the famous Marquise de Sévigné, whose thinking and prose have enchanted the French court. The young woman has been invited to her first dinner with nobles, where she must dazzle everyone with both her vivacity and beauty. Intimidated by the
idea of meeting Jean de la Fontaine and Madame de La Fayette, the young girl commits a faux pas. Furious, her mother is prepared to instil in her once again all the rules of morality and good manners. What rotten luck!

But when her mother’s cousin suggests that Françoise spend some time at the château of the famous Fouquet, she is given the opportunity to make her start in the world. She will also learn that her perfect mother is hiding a secret that must be kept under wraps at all costs. Navigating her way through malicious gossip, scheming, and compliments with double meanings, the young Mademoiselle de Sévigné will lead an investigation and find the traces of a compromising paper that might prove the existence of a liaison between her mother and Fouquet…

Could he be Françoise’s secret father?

Key points

• A dive into the childhood of a famous character surrounded by major figures who have left their mark on history
• Excerpts from the letters give rhythm to the narrative
• An exceptional and fascinating context : the famous château de Vaux-le-Vicomte and French court life during the 17th century

40 000 words