A journey between past and present, in search of a lost romance

Stolen Time
Stolen Time
(Le Temps Volé)



Can a letter from a stranger change your life?

Flavie, author of romance novels and sentimental to the core, cannot help being won over when one day she receives a mysterious letter, along with an apology from the Post Office for the delay in delivery… of forty-three years!

So who is this Amélie and the anonymous man desperate to persuade her to give up everything to come live with him? Did he manage to contact her? Did she ever see him again?

Deeply moved, Flavie is eager to reunite the pair, decades later, and goes off in search of a love story out of the distant past that she hopes to ignite once more from the ashes.

Despite all the obstacles standing in her way, she’s determined to have her happy ending.

But Flavie’s quest to locate these two strangers leads her towards the one person she had lost all hope of ever finding…

Key points

  • An endearing and refreshing romantic comedy: utterly heart-warming!
  • A light-hearted, tender tone that never strikes a false note.
  • For fans of Jojo Moyes and Amélie Poulain.
62 000 words

Full manuscript soon available in English

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