They had sworn never to fall in love, but that was before they spent the night together…

Tempting Nights
Tempting Nights
(Les Nuits tentatrices)



Adam is handsome, intelligent, wealthy, and terribly lonely. Heart-broken since his divorce with a famous actress, he refuses to maintain any prolonged relationships and contents himself with the services of escort girls to accompany him at society events. One evening, he meets a bewitching, independent young woman, nothing like his usual partners. After exchanging a few words with him, she invites him to join her in a hotel room. But this beautiful stranger is by no means a call girl: she’s a wounded woman who can only experience carnal relations as a form of pain, a way of expiating her sins. Adam lets himself be caught up in this game of domination in which feelings are in principle forbidden, at the risk of falling in love with this woman with a troubled past…

I never should have seen Adam again, but how could I resist his magnetism, his heat, his gaze? Despite the rules I set for myself all these years, despite the walls I have built around my heart, I am weak.

Book 1  Exquisite Sin 
Book 2 Burning Sin
Book 3 Divine Sin

Key points

  • A novel idea: here it’s the submissive one who initiates her partner in the game of domination.
  • A viewpoint that alternates skilfully between the male narrator and the woman’s diary entries.
  • An enigmatic female character with a past shrouded in mystery, which the reader discovers little by little.
  • An intrigue that helps to maintain a high level of suspense and an open ending that leaves the reader demanding the sequel immediately.
62 000 words

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