Knowing the history and secrets of a house simply by entering it doesn’t make him weird… Or does it ?

The Architective
The Architective



Everyone can tell you that Armand, age fifteen, is like any other teenager. Clever, headstrong, and perhaps a bit shy, but not weird. And yet, Armand has inherited a gift from his father. When he enters a house, he can dive into the soul of the building, reading its memories, injuries, hidden rooms, and every last secret. The walls remember, and they tell their story to those who know how to listen.

The life of an Architective is far from being restful, so between two investigations Armand tries to lead a normal life at high school. But add to that an absentee father, a secret organization, and a suspicious new classmate, and the worries have only just begun !

Armand has no choice. He is the only one able to find traces of the lost relics everyone covets. So to hell with normal !

Key points

• An investigation traveling through centuries in search of mysterious relics
• An original and fascinating power : the ability to see the soul of places
• Adventures, conspiracies, and a secret brotherhood, all against the backdrop of family, friendship, and teenage stories

70 000 words

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