The Fantasy novel that has conquered the world

The Book and the Sword
The Book and the Sword
(Le Livre et l'épée)

Antoine ROUAUD


Year 10 of the new Republic, in the remote port city of Masalia.
Dun-Cadal, once the greatest general of the Empire, has been drinking his life away for years. Betrayed by his friends and grief-stricken at the loss of his apprentice, he’s done with politics, with adventure, and with people. But people aren’t finished with him – not yet.
Viola is a young historian looking for the last Emperor’s sword, said to have been taken by Dun-Cadal during the Empire’s final, chaotic hours. Her search not only leads her to the former general, but embroils them both in a series of assassinations. Dun-Cadal’s turncoat friends are being murdered, one by one, in the unmistakable style of an Imperial assassin...
But as Dun-Cadal comes to realize fairly quickly, none of these developments – not even the surprise of meeting his supposedly deceased apprentice – has been the result of chance. An intrigue transcending the fates of the individual characters has been put into motion, and its secrets are revealed one by one as the story unfolds.

In this debut novel, Antoine Rouaud displays an astonishing virtuosity, creating a very subtle plot based on unfolding secrets, in a fashion seldom seen in a work of Fantasy and designed to sustain a high level of suspense. Depicting mortal characters thrown into the maelstrom of History and who ultimately become figures of legend, The Book and the Sword is a real page-turner !

Book 1 The Path of Anger
Book 2 Forthcoming in 2017
Book 3 Forthcoming in 2018

Key points

• A beautiful narrative, admirably built up
• Packed with masterful twists and revelations
• A tale of loyalty, revenge, grief and hope, set against a backdrop of political intrigue
• English rights sold in a pre-empt (3-book deal)
• German rights sold at auction (3-book deal)

International release 2013

‘Antoine Rouaud shows great skill in keeping his readers
on tenterhooks. And they’ll come back asking for more’

‘The best French Fantasy manuscript I’ve read in 10 years’
Stéphane Marsan, Publishing Director (Bragelonne)
‘Irresistible. Character-driven, great concept, incredibly exciting and massively commercial. Acquiring it is a no-brainer’
Simon Spanton, Deputy Publishing Director (Gollancz)
‘It’s the perfect book at the perfect time’
Sascha Mamczak (Heyne)
‘It’s so well done. It’s the book that sets fire in people and they pass it on to others. This kind of book is just magic. The kind people love’
Gillian Redfearn, Editorial Director (Gollancz)

150 000 words

English edition available

Rights Sold (8 countries)

  • SPAIN (Reverted)