Léa’s new adopted brother seems way too gifted to be only human… and to remain unnoticed

- formerly entitled THE BOY WHO RAN TOO FAST -

False Brother, Real Secret
False Brother, Real Secret
(Faux Frère, Vrai Secret)

Olivier GAY


One night, Léa’s father tells her something that will change her life. A couple of friends have passed away, and their sixteen-year-old son, Mike, is coming to live with them. He will sleep in the bedroom next to hers, share her bathroom, and attend her high school!

Her father also asks Léa to let him know about any «strange» behavior... Now she’s a babysitter at high school. In other words, her peaceful life is over. Mike is extremely gifted – he runs faster than an Olympic sprinter and can solve university level mathematical theorems. As a result, he attracts the attention of those Léa has always struggled to avoid, and now the class bullies are going to make their life hell.

Léa will confront a barrage of problems. But she is also determined to uncover all the secrets of this too talented «brother»…

Key points

  • An original standalone aboutartificial intelligence
  • A text that tackles the topic of bullying at high school
  • A novel with wide appeal, about ambiguous friendships between boys and girls
60 000 words